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Meet the makers behind Jenny Be Free!

Hi there! 

Meet Terra and Jenny! They are a sister duo team, Jenny is the owner and founder of Jenny Be Free. This name stems from the passion Jenny has for travelling and living her life to the fullest. The tag line to Jenny Be Free is to "Be Free to Be Yourself" much like Terra and Jenny, they march to the beat of their own drum. Our mission is to make you feel confident and one of a kind in our products. 

Jenny has always been a creative individual, however being in the corporate world limited her ability to expand her creativity. When Covid-19 hit, Jenny had some free time and took up knitting, making scrunchies and diving into the world of polymer clay earrings.

Fun Fact: Jenny got her ears pierced at the fine age of 30! Although she loved wearing earrings, most items in the stores would either be too heavy or irritate her ears. She became so fascinated with polymer clay and loved how mixing the material allowed for endless designs and lightweight! 

Terra, the maker behind our trendy dog accessories and scrunchies is extremely talented and has a great eye for fashion, trends and unique styles. She is a stay at home mom to her beautiful daughter, Emerson. We are excited that we are able to work with one another, and bring our creativity to life! We hope that you love our creations as much as we enjoy making them!  

Ps. Did we mention we love wine? lol! 

 We love what we do and we want to empower YOU to be free to be yourself!

Much Love, 

Jenny & Terra!