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Jenny Be Free

Holiday Finisterra Arches

Holiday Finisterra Arches

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These are the perfect balance of clay and metal! There arches are a huge hit! They are the perfect everyday earring where you can dress up or down. The post is 14k gold plated and brass for the charm - hypoallergenic!

Care Tips:

Avoid contact with make-up, perfume, hair products and water and do not expose a piece to extreme pressure.

Clean off make-up or dirt by gently going over the spots with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or some water with a mild soap.

Store the earrings in a jewelry box or a dry, and safe place to prevent scratches on the surface.

Keep the earrings away from direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

Brass components may tarnish over time. Keep them away from water. Keep the brass pieces away from chemicals and perfumes.

Tarnish due to exposure to water and oils from the skin can be easily cleaned with a jewelry cloth and or tarnish remover.


Care Instructions

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