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Granite Floral Arches

Granite Floral Arches

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Our floral collection is simply one of-a-kind! We put our creative side to the test for these earrings!

They’re made of Polymer Clay making your earrings super lightweight and the perfect accessory to wear all day long. They are made with real pressed dried floral and sealed with resin. Please keep in mind, these are handmade with love so please allow character as two pairs won’t always be the exact same. In addition, the ball stud is 18k gold plated. 

Care Instructions:

  • Do not wear in water
  • Consider storing separate from other earrings as the clay can be easily scratched
  • Handle with care
  • Do not bend or treat roughly
  • Polymer Clay is a porous material meaning that earrings can get dirty. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth, or for more stubborn stains feel free to clean with a light amount of rubbing alcohol